Last night I hosted a meeting of phenomenal women. They took me up on my invite to give up their Thursday evening, in the main, to listen to me. They didn't come with an expectation of gaining very much from their time there. They came to hear what I had to say. They listened, gave me feedback, made suggestions and basically helped me untangle some of my thoughts and ideas around moving forward with setting up a new women's group (The Peloton!).


At times, I lost the thread. At times I rambled. At times I wasn't sure which direction I was going in. But I felt safely held. I felt confident and comfortable enough to speak openly without fear of being cynically judged. I felt supported by their attentiveness, their genuine interest, their enthusiasm, their kindness and their thought-provoking contributions.


Amelia Earhart said 'the most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity'. I can so relate to that. Lots of my ideas over the years have fallen by the wayside. Sometimes it's because I can't manage to get the idea to a 'perfect' enough starting point (cue voice in head reminding me that nothing will ever be perfect enough to make a start with because nothing is ever perfect!), sometimes it's because I forget to turn down the volume from that old 'what will other people think' nugget, and sometimes it's because someone else comes up with the the same idea, takes the plunge and makes a go of it (cue voice in head reminding me that every idea is unique and just because someone else is doing something similar doesn't mean I can't push forward with my version too!)


It's taking that first step, taking action, doing it instead of thinking about it - that's the hard bit. But that bit's made so much easier when you find phenomenal people who'll listen to your idea without cynicism. Who'll not belittle even the littlest or most off-the-wall of your dreams and visions. Who'll appreciate that every cycle round the world starts with one turn of the pedal. And who'll appreciate the effort (and sometimes courage) required to grab the handlebars and start that ride.


I'm very lucky to have enormous support from my family in everything I do. They tick all of the above boxes with their love and encouragement - and as an added bonus they inspire me, so very much, in all that they are and all that they do in their lives too.


But last night was all about a bunch of phenomenal women, and today I'm thinking about all of the other phenomenal women whom I'm blessed to have, or have had, in my life. My best pal from school days - and someone who is still one of my most special and best friends - Caroline, inspired me to write this article today by a recent highlighting of her favourite 'Phenomenal Women' on Facebook. It's a fantastic effort to 'provide an antidote' to the 'current ubiquitous exposure of hateful people'.


The first woman to feature on Caroline's wall was, of course, one of the most phenomenal women of all. So, I'll leave you now with Maya Angelou's words in dedication to all of the phenomenal women in the world, but especially to those of you who've played a part in my life and those of you who continue to inspire, support and encourage me to keep on turning the pedals and following my dreams...


© Jane Milne 2017


6 Comments on “Phenomenal Women

    1. Thanks so much pal. You’re so right – I’m doing it!! Whatever ‘it’ turns out to be this time around! We, my dear, are as phenomenal now as we were all those years ago, and I’m so very lucky to have had – and still have – you in my life. Love you xxx

  1. Jane, go for it you have what it takes to make a success of this. Although I don’t know you personally very well I do know what I do know of you I like. Your kindness and caring is plain to see. It shines through, I think you are inspiring in the achievements you have accomplished so far. I’m sure there are more in you, and the Peloton Group will be one of many.
    I am a terrible procrastinator and doubt myself all the time I’m getting closer to being a doer rather than “I’m gonna do” I have ideas buzzing round my head all the time. A few years ago I had a design idea but never did anything about it. Inspired my granddaughters I wrote a childrens story that they loved, they said I should make it into a book. I wrote it and am half way through the follow up that was 3 years ago still haven’t done anything about it becoming a book because I don’t know how. I tell myself when I retire in a couple of years time I will do all the things I want to do. I’m no expert and probably the last person to give advice all I would say is push on with your ideas what’s the worst that can happen? My fear has always been the fear of failing.
    In reality I haven’t tried to succeed therefore, I have failed before I’ve even begun. I can’t commit to joining the group on a weekly basis because of work however, I will look out for your updates for the bigger drop in group and will attend some of those if I can. I wish you every success. Susan x

    1. That’s lovely Susan, thank you so much. I’m looking forward to you progressing in the future from ‘Peloton Pioneer’ to ‘Active Member’! It sounds like you have so many ideas and projects and I love that you’ve written stories for your grandchildren – I look forward very much to the day that you take that next step and find out how to go about publishing! We’re all at times afflicted by the fear of failing, but you’re so very right in saying that not trying is a form of failure in itself – if only we could be more fearful of the not trying than we are of the result of trying!! I’m much better at it now, and it always helps when I stop to remind myself that it’s my life I’m living, not the lives of the people who might judge me harshly should I fail. There will always be at least one friend or family member to help pick you up should you fall. Thanks again for your support last night and for all of your good wishes xx

  2. So eloquently put Jane – I echo what Caroline and Susan have said – you’re doing it and doing it phenomenally! You took that leap of faith last night and it was worth it. So proud of you. Xxxx

    1. Thank you so much Hazel. You’ve played such a huge part in helping me get to where I’m at with The Peloton and for that, and your support in everything else that I do, is so very much appreciated. I guess we’ve both taken a few leaps of faith in recent years, and how brilliant it is that we’re both still here cheering each other on through them all. Lots of love xxx

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