Welcome to the lifeCyclist diaries!

Hi. I'm Jane and I'm delighted to welcome you to the lifeCyclist diaries. No bikes or cycling experience are necessary here, just some curiosity and interest in how we can all make the very most our lifeCycle ride.


A bit about me


RjfFwHkE_400x400I'm a wife, mum, daughter, friend, not-so-serious cyclist, active listener, discussion group facilitator, bereavement counsellor and aspiring writer who lives in a little village in Central Scotland. I've been, amongst other things, a Road Race Director, Samaritan, Breast Cancer Care B-Aware facilitator and music therapist (of sorts - I can't read a note...). I'm a Women V Cancer fundraiser and awareness-raiser. I'm passionate about equality and inclusion. I'm a Rock Choir member and I love to sing. I've published one little book. I used to blog here and here regularly but now only occasionally. I'm usually the one in the corner at the party listening to the one who needs to talk (but only when I'm not holding court on the dance floor!). I'm a poet of sorts, with 'writer and speaker of words that sometimes happen to rhyme' being more appropriate! (I sometimes even write them commercially). I organise and facilitate The Peloton women's groups and one-to-one sessions. I have more than a passing interest in mental health issues and I'm a proud ally of the LGBTI community. 


Welcome to the diaries. I hope you'll feel inspired, motivated, informed or curious to learn more after dipping into my lifeCycling musings - and thank you for joining me on the ride.