27th April 2017

Life is always going to be messy

  Your life is always going to be messy, that’s the nature of the story; your life will often feel incomplete, you’ll search for conclusions, you’ll worry about ‘getting there’ instead of ‘being here’, you’re always going to be bound by change and things will seldom go to plan. You’ll fret for the future because >>

23rd April 2017

Bringing Heads Together

  I love the London Marathon but this year I loved it even more than usual. The ‘Mental Health Marathon’, as it’s been fondly dubbed, raised tons of money and awareness for loads of different charities – such as Alzheimers UK, Lymphoma Association, CLIC Sargent, Diabetes UK, Macmillan Cancer Support and many more – but >>

18th March 2017

A chat about depression

  A chat about depression…   I was asked a question recently, ‘Has your son’s depression gone now? Such a terrible thing when we feel a bit down.’   As anyone who’s close to anyone who suffers from depression will know, this is a difficult question to answer. I went with:   ‘Well, unfortunately it >>

17th February 2017

Phenomenal Women

  Last night I hosted a meeting of phenomenal women. They took me up on my invite to give up their Thursday evening, in the main, to listen to me. They didn’t come with an expectation of gaining very much from their time there. They came to hear what I had to say. They listened, >>

25th January 2017


  Happiness?   I really like the ‘Action for Happiness’ ethos, but I can’t help wondering if the movement’s name might be a bit of a turn off – especially, ironically, to those who might benefit most from their offerings.   It gives the impression of an organisation that’s working towards some sort of utopia >>

5th January 2017

Dear Richard Hammond

    Dear Richard Hammond   I don’t watch The Grand Tour, so I would’ve been unaware of the ‘ice cream’ comments you made if it wasn’t for the social media storm that followed. I’ve since watched the clip (where you said, ‘I don’t eat ice cream. I think it’s something to do with being >>

23rd December 2016


  Christmas: Being at home with the people we love Wrapping up bundles of socks and gloves Hanging up stockings, no matter our age, Stuffing the turkey with onion and sage Watching The Grinch and a Wonderful Life Glad the day’s past without too much strife… Christmas: Rushing around from here to there Umpteen to-do >>

15th November 2016

Introducing The Peloton

Introducing The Peloton   My family and friends could rhyme off a long list of ideas that I’ve come up with over the years for such things as new business ventures, new charities or new support initiatives. Very few of them came to fruition. Most of them – after lots of excited talk and planning >>

9th November 2016

Standing against the tide

Standing against the tide     A tide of fear, shock and trepidation washed in today, It nearly engulfed me and swept me away.   (Reminded me of that time, as a kid, when I nearly drowned. I was swimming, just off the shore, when a big wave pulled me down. I rose to the surface, >>

25th October 2016

More than one kind of hero

More than one kind of hero I sat down this morning with the intention of writing about my dad. It’s what I’ve done on or around this day every year ever since he died on the 25th of October 1993. It’s usually a cathartic thing, but staring at the blank page this morning I felt a >>