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9th November 2016

Standing against the tide

Standing against the tide     A tide of fear, shock and trepidation washed in today, It nearly engulfed me and swept me away.   (Reminded me of that time, as a kid, when I nearly drowned. I was swimming, just off the shore, when a big wave pulled me down. I rose to the surface, >>>>

25th October 2016

More than one kind of hero

More than one kind of hero I sat down this morning with the intention of writing about my dad. It’s what I’ve done on or around this day every year ever since he died on the 25th of October 1993. It’s usually a cathartic thing, but staring at the blank page this morning I felt a >>>>

19th October 2016

Power in the playground

Power in the playground Most young girls will be the victim or perpetrator, to some extent, of so-called ‘mean girl’ behaviour. It can be one of the most destructive influences during adolescence, when trusting friendships and a sense of belonging are vital. In an ideal world, teaching the values of empathy, diversity and respect would >>>>

9th October 2016


When feeling all tangled and tied up in knots Remember to breathe. Then write down your thoughts. When stuck trying to bury regrets from the past Sit and accept them, then move on at last. When wishing that life was like hers or like his Stop wishing for their life and live with what is. >>>>

1st October 2016

Visibility and inclusivity – the perfect match for a happier ending to life’s stories

Visibility and inclusivity – the perfect match for a happier ending to life’s stories In 2015 former Health Minister Norman Lamb created a bit of a furore by suggesting that more LGBT characters should be visible on children’s TV, in the likes of the Peppa Pig stories. On social media, those who are not homophobic — those >>>>

15th September 2016

Bloody Cyclist

5th September 2016

Yes you can

The Rio Paralympics start later this week and Channel 4 have released a fantastic trailer for the event. It’s a brilliant way of getting the message across that if there’s something you’d like to try or do but you’re doubting yourself and think you can’t do it – think again! Take the plunge, try it, >>>>

20th August 2016

There’s always another way

  It’s Pride Glasgow weekend. I’m heading through shortly with my other half as proud parents and keen allies of the LGBTI+ community. Before I do, I just wanted to highlight the main initiative being endorsed by this year’s Pride Glasgow.   TIE – Time for Inclusive Education – aims to tackle the difficulties that our >>>>

3rd August 2016

No note required


25th July 2016

Judy’s Story

  Judy’s Story   Written by Jane Milne   For any 68-year-old Great Grandmother, cycling 450km under the East African sun would be no mean feat. But, on hearing Judy’s story, it soon becomes apparent why the ‘Queen of Tanzania’ title she was recently awarded by some of her fellow cyclists was so richly deserved…   Judy’s >>>>