The Peloton Guidelines


To create a safe, welcoming and respectful space for conversation, it's important that members of The Peloton community agree to abide by the following guidelines:


Respect each other's confidentiality. Please don't share other people's stories outside of the group. We're much more likely to speak openly when we know that we're doing so in a confidential space.

Respect each other's right to speak, or right to stay silent. Please try to let people speak without interruption, and please don't expect everyone to contribute to the conversation. No-one should feel under any pressure to join in, but everyone should feel they have a voice should they choose to use it. Whether we speak or not we should treat each other in a supportive way.

Respect each other's differences and points of view. Please be kind to each other when we share a difference of opinion, and please respond to each other's sharings without cynicism, sarcasm or judgement. 

Respect the time arrangements. Please try to arrive on time, and notify Jane if you're going to be late or have to cancel.

Respect the presence of the other group members, and be present yourself. Please switch your phones to mute or off.