The Peloton Groups and Sessions


Peloton Group Sessions


A women's group that meets every 3 to 4 weeks for a session of meaningful and mindful conversation, usually around a particular theme or around a topic discussed by an invited guest. There’s no requirement to attend every session, however joining The Peloton Community ensures that you’re offered a place before meetings are advertised to a wider audience.


The sessions are organised and facilitated by me, but the welcoming space they offer is created by the mutual respect of the group as a whole. Experiences are shared, we listen to each other, learn from each other, inspire each other and enjoy being in the company of other women who'd like to find a new sense of connection. No one will feel pressured to speak during the conversation, but the aim is for everyone to feel they have a voice should they choose to use it.


Sessions, which last two hours, take place in Stirling’s Recyke-A-Bike café on Wednesday evenings (with day time sessions possibly coming soon) and cost £5.


Contact me here if you’d like more information or if you’d like to book a place.


One-to-One Sessions


The benefits of ‘talking things through’ are well known but sometimes it’s difficult to find someone who’ll focus on you and properly listen, or to find a confidential space where you really do feel heard.


Going for counselling might feel like ‘too much’, and chatting with a good friend might feel like ‘not enough’ so what I’m offering here lies somewhere in between.


You might use our sessions to talk through an issue that’s tying you in knots, or you might want to explore steps that can improve your self-confidence and self-belief or you might use our time together to discover (or re-discover) some of your hidden strengths. You might simply want a mindful, respectful space where you can untangle some of your feelings.


I do have counselling training and varied active listening experience, but these sessions are not being offered as a substitute for therapies that address serious mental health issues and illnesses. They do, however, aim to improve your general well-being and mental health fitness.


Sessions, which last one hour, can be booked on a one-off basis or in blocks. They usually take place in the comfortable environment of my home in Gargunnock, however, I can be flexible and I’m open to discussing alternative arrangements if you would rather meet somewhere else or in your own home.


I charge £20 for one session and discounted rates for blocks of sessions (depending on the number of weeks and the location).


Contact me here if you’d like more information or if you’d like to book a Tandem session.


Peloton Pod Sessions


A small group that meets once per week at the same time for 6 weeks. During the sessions we consider what really matters, consider the benefits of living more mindfully (and practice some basic mindfulness techniques) and explore some steps that might help raise self-belief. Some resources are used, but the Pod sessions are centred around meaningful and mindful conversation.


Being a member of a Pod can feel therapeutic and can help boost your mental health, but it is not a substitute for professional therapies that address serious mental health issues and illnesses.


Sessions, which last two hours, are hosted in the comfortable environment of my home in Gargunnock and cost £60 for the six week block.


Contact me here if you’d like more information or if you’d like to book a place in a Pod.

Silhouette cyclists with reflection

Peloton Wheels (coming soon)


A small group of women will meet once per week for a few weeks to boost both their self-confidence and their cycling ability. These sessions will combine coming together for conversation with instructor-led cycling sessions.


Peloton Wheels is aimed at women who’d like to learn how to cycle on paths and roads as a member of a supportive group, learn some basic bike maintenance and boost their self-confidence - both on and off the bike.


Before setting off for a cycle together, we’ll meet in the Recyke-A-Bike Café for a chat about any fears, worries or concerns you might have. During our group ride we'll be led at all times by our qualified cycle trainer and supported from the back by me, as someone who has experience and skills in providing emotional and moral support - both on and off the bike.


On our return, we’ll spend some time in the café, not only enjoying a well earned cuppa and cake, but also sharing as a group how the ride felt for us - highlighting anything we weren’t sure of and celebrating our achievements (achievements will vary from person to person, week to week, so there should always be something to celebrate!)


By the end of our time together you’ll feel better equipped to cycle on the roads either by yourself or as part of another group. You’ll also have made some new friends.


More information will be coming soon, but in the meantime please do contact me here if you'd like to register your interest (with no obligation) in joining a Peloton Wheels group.